"The Right Dosage"   

"Love in Covid Times"   

"Just Five Minutes"   

"Let's Begin Treatment"   

"Prayers for a Patient"   

"We Rock"   


"In the Middle of a Double Shift"   

"Proud to Serve"   

"How Much More?"   



"One More Hour"   

"Praying for Strength"   

"Code Sunshine"   


"Behind the Scenes"   



"Just Exhausted"   

"Ah, the Sun!"   

"Shared Sorrow"   

'No Real Break"   

"And So It Begins"   

"Another One Lost"   


This page is in honor of the Heroes of our times, those who gave themselves selflessly day in and day out.

These paintings are in the permanent 

collection of Dr. David Hicks and can be 

seen at:

West Coast Family Medical Care

3165 McMullen Booth Road Suite H

Clearwater, Florida

"Shared Joy"   

"It's What We Do"   

"I Won't Let Go"   

"Take Five"